about the firm


Pacific Design Architecture is a full service architectural firm providing professional services to a wide range of clients, including healthcare, commercial, institutional, residential, and governmental organizations. PDA offers architectural services, interior design, as well as planning.

In all of our work, we provide the highest level of professional services, delivering to our clients innovative, exciting design solutions, and backing those design solutions with technical expertise.

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PDA has been doing work for health care providers since 1995 and has acquired extensive experience with many different types of health care projects. Having completed well over two hundred projects located in both in hospitals and in medical office facilities in Northern California we've acquired the expertise needed to efficiently develop designs, produce construction documents, acquire permits from appropriate jurisdiction (including OSHPD), and provide the construction administration services necessary to complete the project on budget and in a timely manner. By virtue of shear numbers of successful projects we can say this field has become our primary area of expertise. 



Commercial project types completed by PDA include office tenant improvements, banks remodels, retail design, and new mixed use buildings. Scale of the work has ranged from 40,000 square feet of new construction to 1,000 square foot retail remodels.

Much of our commercial work involves interior design for tenant improvement. We assemble a seasoned project team of architects, engineers, systems furniture representatives, and interior designers. We have a long track record of exceeding expectations while meeting the client’s budget and schedule.



PDA has done numerous lab projects for both government institutions and healthcare organizations. Although these projects are not large in scale, they are highly complex with rigorous requirements specific to each facility. Our projects are typically in existing buildings where it is often the case that system upgrades are needed to accommodate lab equipment, filtering systems, climate, etc. There's a large engineering component in these projects. We have established a knowledgeable engineering team that works with us to meet architectural challenges and user needs.



PDA has completed several projects for educational institutions, including the University of California at Berkeley. The nature of the work has ranged from renovation studies for existing buildings to the production of construction documents with construction administration for selected improvements. We are accustomed to working with such institutional clients where the design and development process can sometimes be both complex and lengthy in duration.

We have also completed smaller projects, such as St. Andrew's Day Care, from the design process through construction drawings, and into construction.

Prior to establishing Pacific Design Architecture the founding principals completed design of the California Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial located on the State Capitol Mall with the commission's established by the State of California for that purpose.



Although much of our work is for larger institutional clients, we have a steady stream of private residential work. Typical projects will range from remodels and additions to the design of an existing home from the ground up.

We have been fortunate to work with clients who are seeking something beyond conventional residential design. We enjoy exploring architectural ideas and making the most of local conditions such as climate and site topography.